an alternative 


E-Decorate is an alternative to the in-person design consultation process.  It works well for a low budget, long distance project, where the client is comfortable with digital communication and capable of DIY but might need some help making decisions. 

The process requires a few photos of the space(es), dimensions, budget and the goals of the client.  We then research for the best color, furniture, window coverings and accessories for the project.  We’ll arrange the photos on the “Display Board,” with a list of information for each item, including the name, price and resources. 

For a kitchen or bathroom remodel, in addition information on materials, such as for cabinets, appliances, lightings, tiles and color, etc., we also draft a layout of the kitchen and/or bath for our clients to follow. 

We usually give a couple of options for clients to select from on each project.  A one-time consultation fee will be collected based on the project scale upon contract signing.  For questions on E-Decorate, please contact us.